Thursday, January 24, 2013

lightening the load v7

You know when it's so cold your nipples feel like they'd shatter if you grazed them?'s That cold today. 

You know when it's so cold you can feel the posts of your earrings freezing your earlobes into little blocks of ice from the inside out?  Yeah, it's That cold today.

You know when it's so cold your nose hairs freeze to the walls of your nostrils with that first frigid air inhale?  Yeah, it's That cold today.

You know when it's so cold you just want to cuddle up with hot cocoa and steaming comfort food?
Yeah, It Won't be That kind of cold day for me today.  Knock on wood.

Day 11 of my 8 week weight loss challenge.  I was feeling on top of my game until reports of first week losses hit my ears.  A drop nearing double digits, another not far behind.  Wha, What?  Seriously? in ONE week? If slow and steady doesn't win this challenge I may be in the losers bracket.  I'm tempted to put my glasses on, march upstairs and see with my eyes the exact number of pounds I've lost, but I don't want to get my mind all twisted up in the number if it's not what I want it to read.  I need to be happy for them and their loss and feel comfortable with my progress.  I need to stay out of my head...especially, alone.  I know where I think I need to be to win this challenge with the greatest percentage of weight loss, I've since adjusted my first guestimate and will shoot for 12% rather than 10% & just plug away at it for another 45 days.  One day at a time.  & while I may be happy for all those other women losing, Look Out there's no Cook Out over here only a freight train coming atchya!  Chuggah, Chuggah,  Choo!  Chew!

Winnah, Winnah, Chicken Dinnah!   ha.  I wish.  Fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy would be great cold day steaming food.  *wink*  Fried chicken and waffles, I'd love that for dinnah!   Although, the orange simmered pork chops with mango relish (360 calories a serving) I'm cooking for dinner will be enjoyable.   on a bed of wilted spinach.   eh,  the spinach part sucks when a starch would hit the 'cold' spot.   Sacrifice.

I'm wearing a knit hat and scarf eating a fried egg white on a quarter of toasted pita.  I'm warm and it's only 60 calories.  Baby, it's cold outside, but not that comfort food kind of cold.  Perseverance.

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