Tuesday, January 29, 2013

lightening the load v8

Two weeks & a couple days into the eight week weight loss challenge.  Weighed myself yesterday & as long as my eyes were not deceiving me, I've lost 8lbs.   Nice!   I'm almost halfway back to where I was before I lost control and gained half of the weight I'd lost last year back.  I'm 8lbs closer to winning this weight loss challenge.  I'm doing it!  I'm surviving on 1400 calories or less a day and nobody has been injured.  I didn't even have to hide the sharp objects!    yet.  I haven't had pasta in over Two Weeks!  Sad face.  I haven't had a potato in over Two Weeks!  Sad Face.  I haven't had more than a couple tablespoons of rice in over Two Weeks!  Sad Face. I haven't had more than one slice of bread or half a pita pocket a day in over Two Weeks!  Sad Face.  I haven't had an egg yolk in over Two Weeks!  WTF.   ha.  All those sad faces are part of the reason I'm sitting her on an ass that weighs eight pounds less and that makes me Smile. big.   I was talking about it last night before bed with the husband, he asked where I thought I'd lost the pounds, from which part of my body.  This morning while I showered I was wondering about it and looked down and saw my feet.  clearly.  I don't know if I could do this before, I don't usually look down at my feet. BUT maybe my belly shrunk or my boobs shrunk. It's more likely that the breasts took another slide outward and under the pits, but I definitely saw my feet.  clearly.  Whether this was the case over two weeks ago, I have not a clue. 

41 Days to Go until the Money weigh in.
One day at a time.
One glimpse at the feet a day from here on out.

Damn, I'd love a juicy bacon cheeseburger on an extra large bun slathered with mayo and ketchup.
In my dreams.

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