Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happy Groundhog Day!

It appears the skin on my face is irritated with my new eating habits.  ?? WTF.  you'd think it would be glowing with the overkill of fresh vegetables and fruit I've consumed in the last 18 days, but the red splotches and beneath the skin pimples prove otherwise.  I'm caught in this battle between covering it up with make up to make me feel prettier, or swipe it with alcohol to dry it and leave my face bare to breathe and look like a pimply mess.  

Update on above:  Three days after I began & never finished this post.  It has cleared up, for the most part.  Thanks Goodness.  Every time I looked at my face in the mirror I felt anxious, it looked as if someone had used my face as a pin cushion, or could it be I have an enemy with a voodoo habit, that would be interesting, but I'm confident it's just another "surprise"  you're getting older and falling apart!  Welcome to middle aged acne.  ha.  The Joys of aging.  I did give myself a good one, twice, thrice over with a swab of alcohol and refrained from makeup for a couple days.  Yeah, alcohol on winter dry skin was interesting.  What's worse... A red splotchy pimple face or a face that looks like peeling paint?  

Stay tuned for an update on the weight loss front & Enjoy your Superbowl weekend!

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