Tuesday, February 12, 2013

lightening the load v11

Day 30!  Holy Crikey!  Thirty days without overloading on carbohydrates or portions large enough for both, Paul & his ox?!   I have to be honest, I almost caved during the weekend Blizzard. Stuck inside craving greasy steak & cheese, lasagna, meatballs, sausage, chicken parm, potato skins, spinach dip with a loaf of bread, linguine with garlic oil.  ugh.  I buckled up and maneuvered through cabin fever with healthy eating precision. Sort of.  I did have that one tooth snarling, mouth scoffing brownie incident, but it was either that or pms violence...'ain't nobody got time for that!'
Last week during full on premenstrual bloat I hopped on the scale.  and hopped off as if my feet grazed red hot coals.   Five friggen pounds of bloat.  Dude, I was under serious mental duress after I watched that needle climb. Yes...I do have an old ass scale with the needle & Yes, it is 2013.  After my eyes set sight on what at my best guestimate..with my failing eyes and those itty bitty lines on my dial scale..it was a five pound increase from the prior week. I felt slapped with defeat & was one pot of boiling water away from twirling my fork through lip licking linguine and garlic oil with a mound of cheese.  I would have spun those oil glazed noodles through that mountain of freshly grated with a toothy grin plastered across my, not yet slim enough, face.  yum.
*Snap out of it*
I found a moment of clarity somewhere between a snack of pineapple and a handful of Triscuits . I knew if I didn't freak out and hunt for food to heal my bloated superficial wound I'd survive the Blizzard of 2013 with my weight loss in check.  Mostly.  ha.  I say that now, because I'm remembering a dough ball of monkey bread I took down in two bites.  One Hundred and Sixty Calories in Two Bites!  Never had monkey bread before & I felt obligated to try it because it was a gift package from the Holidays.  Excuses. Excuses.  HA.   Whatever the battle between my ears is for my monkey bread chomping, it was good, but Not two bites for a 160 calories good.

I'm proud to report: another two pounds lost after I dropped Aunt Dot off with all her luggage.  I'll take it!  Day 30 and 14 pounds shed.   Twenty-six more days to go before I find out if I win this weight loss challenge.   No, let me correct myself...before.. I Win, this weight loss challenge.  Ha!   There is some stiff competition. I'm hoping because of all my excess flab I can continue to lose the way I have been right up until the end and those lighter competitors will be stopped dead in their already smaller tracks a week or two before the finish.  I'm still in a bit of shock of how far I've come in such a short time.  It's almost as quick as I'd gained it.  That Never happens!  Ever!  ...Until now.   I've been day dreaming about my next weight goal & keep telling myself.  One.  One pound. One day.  One goal.  ...at a time. 

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