Monday, February 25, 2013

Lightening the Load v12

Holy Canoli Drizzed with Fudge!  Only 2 weeks left before I motorboat a bowl of pasta coated in full fat cheese with a meatball and a side of fried calamari, french fries & a greasy cheeseburger with Bacon. and mayonnaise. & a large pizza extra cheese.  toss in a three whole egg omelet with broccoli and cheddar.  & homefries! hash!  a steak & cheese with mayonnaise and hots.  An Italian Sub dressed with oil.  corn chowder!   OR I'll probably settle for a nice juicy steak and a couple martinis.  With 14 days left I haven't reached a 10% loss yet, but I'm dancing around it.  It could be a real possibility to reach the secondary 12% loss.  I'm not exactly sure how everyone else is doing in this challenge, there are talks of an already 11% loss, questionable whether it's truthful disclosure or an attempt to induce early defeat & weight gaining grub'n.  I'm sand bag'n to the finish & going balls to the wall for the W, the numbers will speak in two weeks.  

I feel Great!  If I don't include my full on exhaustion from 3 days of social engaging activities.  Not to mention 3 different cakes/cupcakes I had to decline to stay on my weight loss track.  The cheat friendly situations I conquered is almost comical.  A gauntlet of sugary sweets. As if weekends aren't difficult enough when it comes to a steadfast healthy low calorie eating regimen. 

It's Monday.  Hooray! 

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