Monday, February 4, 2013

lightening the load v9

Entering week four of the eight week weight loss challenge.  Halfway there!  almost.  Total loss 22 days in is Twelve pounds!  OH Yah,  That's Right! HIGH FIVE!  In some aspects it's been pretty easy to get to today. I haven't been starving myself, although there have been brief moments when I felt famished.. it was my mind playing tricks & it's so tempting to just fall back into bad habits.  Portions too large.  The adhering to serving sizes that seem so tiny because I've been over sizing for so long.  What?  a piece of chicken no bigger than my fist?  What is this, the kids menu? Bites out of boredom, stress, and sadness. It would feel 'normal' for me to stop thinking about change & just go with what I know.  Hello!  What I know bought me a fat ass!  I'm determined to keep telling my head to STFU.   The eating healthy is easy, I grew up on all the foods I've fallen back on during this challenge.  The adjusting my relationship with food is proving to be the battle, a battle I'm 'losing' my ass off to win.  It's a struggle.. a constant nagging in my head.  STFU!! Emotional eating is a hard habit to break.  so good.
It's a bit more work to wash, dry and cut fruit or steam some veggies for a snack than opening a prepackaged 'snacky', but I've always been a fan of fresh fruit.. that work isn't 'new', something about fruit in a plastic bowl on a shelf in a store gives me the heebie jeebies. That crap is for bunkers.  I never, before this challenge, would have had half an oven roasted acorn squash as a snack or lunch, but for 115 calories it's a great option. I never would have taken the yolk from the egg off my plate if I wasn't constantly calculating calories in my head.. "that's 50 calories."  For a Yolk?  Take it! I'd rather mix in the protein with some beans, nuts or cheese...50 for a yolk is a joke. Having to sometimes make two dinners is New...half the stuff I've been eating the husband doesn't want to set an eye on, let alone scoop up and chew it.  I'd bet all the money I win in this challenge, once I win it...that he has never in his life had a bite of a piece of eggplant.  I bet he doesn't know what kale looks like.  He told me my brussels sprouts smelled like farts.  yeah. they did.  and they make me gassy, too.  Ha-ha I knew he wasn't a vegetable wiz way back during our first couple years together in the 90's, he saw a jar of artichoke hearts on the refrigerator door and told me that I was disgusting if I eat a heart of an animal.  Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!  I still laugh just as hard today when I think of it.  Hilarious.  I love him.  He's doing well on the "did you, you should, good job" list of ways to help me through the changes I'm making.  He's still indulging hardcore on the weekends, which tests my will. I'm a bit envious.  BUT...I want to Win!  As he was sliding his leftover meat lovers pizza box into the fridge he touched the tofu container and shivered with disgust.  Really?  That's a bit dramatic, Cowboy.  If he tried at least one bite of my tofu burger on a pita quarter with some fixings he'd probably be pleasantly surprised & it's under 200 calories!
My Super Bowl menu was a bit different than his, he made delicious looking and smelling wings, I could have had a couple to just try, but decided it better to step back and make my own thing.  I did splurge on a piece of calzone & took tiny bites to savor the greasy goodness.

Wings from the oven, dipped in vegetable oil, salt & pepper and then baked for 50 on 450.

Honey, Ginger & Soy Wings.  & Hot Wings
You can catch a glimpse of the corner of the bowl with my portabella mushroom, zucchini and red onion stir fry.

My mushroom wrap ingredients were 219 calories, the burrito wrap 170. 

Calzone with Genoa Salami, Hot Capicola and Provolone  was 311 a serving.

For breakfast I  had some coffee and an egg white scramble with eggplant, bean sprouts, pepper and onion for a total of 116 calories.  Between lunch and dinner I had an acorn squash with drizzled honey for 140 calories and a cup of tea.

After dinner I had a bit of salsa and nacho chips, it was a perfect ending to a low calorie Super Bowl Sunday!  I'd planned to have a few beers, but just never felt the need.  My 55 calorie Bud Selects are still chilling...for now.

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