Tuesday, March 5, 2013

lightening the load v13

Closing out my weight loss challenge with a week of the cabbage soup diet in a last ditch effort to catch up to the weight loss leader.  day two.  It Blows!  I want to detonate every head of cabbage I see!  Pass the M80!  F Cabbage swimming in a bowl of water! add the 10 and 11 glasses of water I drink a day and I'm afloat & smell like cabbage.  Worst Idea Ever!
This cabbage diet may ruin my love of cole slaw...Oh, nothing could do that, cole slaw includes one of my favorite condiments.  MMMM...I do love condiments.  They liven up food in all the right ways.  I gave them up for this challenge.   Mostly.   Even a 5 calorie condi was more than I wanted to splurge during the past 7 weeks.  Seven Weeks!  Can you believe it's been that long?!  I was down 23lbs until this Morning...when PMS showed up with 5lbs of extra bloat.   Grrrr.  So, not only am I choking on cabbage, I'm bloated!  It's hilarious, with a sinister laugh.  AND, chances are even after suffering these last 7 days of cabbage choking I still won't win.  I fricken hate to lose.  Some already skinny bitch who consumed about 800 (if that) calories a day for 7 weeks will win it with a 14% weight loss.  Sure, good for her, the 20lb bubble butt is gone & now she can fit back into her size 5's.  F YOU!  Eat a Sandwich, Skeletor!  HA.  I'm teasing.  I'm happy for everyone who's come this far.  I'm sure it wasn't easy for her to starve herself.  If she does in fact win, Good for her,  'She beat me straight up. Pay her. Pay that woman her money'...in my best KGB voice.
I've really done a great job, losing 23lbs in 7 weeks is no easy feat. I'm shocked & extremely proud of my results so far.  Consuming between 1000 and 1400 well rounded healthy calories a day for 50 plus days.. is work.  I've spent so much time in the kitchen washing, cutting and coring fresh fruit and vegetables.   Going 100% Fresh required me to make time for prep. I feel good.  I have more energy...ha, as I typed that I let out a mouth widening eye scrunching yawn.

Six Days till the Weigh Out!   My palm is itchy...it's my right palm.  does that mean I'm coming into money?  :)  Stay Tuned.   If I throw salt over my shoulder does it bring shed pounds or good fortune?  & how much does a horseshoe weigh because I could always jam one of those up my butt for luck...

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