Monday, March 11, 2013

lightening the load v14

Day 57 of weight loss challenge.  The Final Weigh Out!  A clothed loss of 25lbs.  My home scale read 28lbs naked this morning.  I met my goal of 10% and just missed .5 of the secondary.  11.5% of my weight in 8 weeks.   
I lost the challenge.  womp..womp..womp.
It's disappointing, Lyla told me she'd set a challenge up for me and I could win hers. ;) 
The winner lost 16.5% of her weight. Which is great for her, but a bummer for me.  Yay, for Skeletor!  I would have had to starve myself or hope for a 26 hour day to find more time to work out, my lifestyle just couldn't keep up with that kind of loss in just 8 weeks.  Sucks.  Second Place SUCKS!  3/11/13  the day I was both a winner and a failure.

Excuse me while I go cry into a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream....

Taking the rest of the week off from strict counting & back to it next Monday.  Looking forward to my next 25lb loss.

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