Friday, April 26, 2013

Lyla's Words (3)

Our neighbors adopted a rescue dog.  Lyla asked if was mean or nice and whether she could pet him. We tried, but he was spooked when Lyla approached him, he growled and backed away.  As we walked away I explained to Lyla that he was rescued from a shelter & he's still adjusting to his new home and surroundings, maybe some day he'll warm up to her, as she hopped back onto her bicycle and starting pedaling, with curiosity and concern in her voice she asked, "Mama, what kind of Dangerous situations do you think he was rescued from?"     the next day she was in the backyard playing rescue girl.   :)

"Okay, Boss!"
She calls me Boss now.  I told her the other day she wasn't the boss, I was.   ha-ha  words that come back to bite.

"I kind of feel four.  A little like four."
on her Birthday

"I'm FOUR.  I'm still leaving the training wheels on my big girls bike FOREVER because I'm a big girl and it's scary on my big girls bike even when I get the hang of it."

"I think we should have a group hug."
any time and every time Lyla, Daddy & I are in the same room.  we love group hugs.  Even Oscar.