Thursday, May 23, 2013

neurotic wife

the husband & I had to switch cars last night.  my car has a car seat.  his doesn't.  easier to switch cars than move car seats when he needs to drive the kid around.  ?  anyway,  I plop myself down in his ride, turn the key and notice this orange light on the panel.  it looked like an exclamation point between parenthesis.  I thought to myself...This Can't Be Good.  OH NO!  I busted his car.   haha  No, I turned the key, the pistons fired, I had Nothing to do with this light.   he must have seen it. It's orange.  It's an exclamation point, you can't miss it!   I pull into the driveway at home.. turn off the car, the light goes dark...but the thought is there.  nagging.  I turn on the interior light, pull out the car manual from the glove box and find the meaning behind the light.  Low Tire Pressure.  I turn the key one more time, pop the gear shift into the reverse and off I go to the convenience store to power up Air.  :)  Light off.  back home. bed. Lights out.

Neurosis or Sweet, a little of this, a little of that.