Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summah Love'n

So many people are in the, Summer is over, mindset.
"slow down you move too fast"
There's still 25 days until the Autumnal Equinox which gives me plenty of time to add to this list...

It's painfully obvious I DIDN'T Blog.
Here is a list of 100 things I Did do this Summer...so far.

  1.  painted my toes while I sat outside enjoying the warmth of sunshine.
  2.  tripped on my big toe while walking on the beach and pretended it didn't
       totally kill to continue walking.
  3.  played off a bee sting on the instep of my foot like it didn't hurt
       like a son of a bee sting, so the kids wouldn't wig out and want to
       play indoors away from the bees.
  4.  laughed until my belly ached.
  5.  snipped flowers for a vase.
  6.  played fetch with Oscar.
  7.  grew vegetables in containers on our deck.
  8.  dried up my herb garden.
  9.   mowed the lawn.
 10.  filled and tossed water balloons.
 11.  built sandcastles.
 12.  read a half dozen chic lit books.
 13.  swam in the ocean.
 14.  got salt water up my nose.
 15.  jumped waves.
 16.  squeezed a lime down the neck of a Corona and squirted myself in the eye.
 17.  flew a kite.
 18.  ate fried dough.
 19.  played old school arcade games.
        Ms. Pacman and Paperboy are my favorites.
 20.  rode a bike.
 21.  saw Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi Band.
 22.  had a hula hoop contest.
 23.  watched hand stand contests.
 24.  made fresh squeezed lemonade.
 25.  bought ice cream from the ice cream truck.
 26.  collected sea shells.
 27.  ran through a sprinkler.
 28.  was hosed down by a laughing toddler.
 29.  used sticks in the woods as princess wands.
 30.  grilled steaks.
 31.  shucked corn.
 32.  steamed clams.
 33.  played hopscotch.
 34.  kicked soccer balls.
 35.  jumped rope.
 36.  itched bug bites until they bled.
 37.  boogied down at the Black Crowes in Boston.
 38.  ate blueberries right off the bush.
 39.  cursed air conditioning.
 40.  praised air conditioning.
 41.  played cribbage.
 42.  won Keno.
 43.  lost more Keno than I won.
 44.  wore sandals 99.6% of the time.
 45.  ran in my crocs and didn't clumsy down on my face.
 46.  air dried my hair every time it was wet.
 47.  day dreamed.
 48.  rinsed sand from my crack.
 49.  floated in a pool.
 50.  played bocce.
 51.  toasted marshmallows.
 52.  licked chocolate off my face after two biting a s'more.
 53.  buried my toes in beach sand.
 54.  ate cold pizza for breakfast.
 55.  had ice cream sundaes for dinner.
 56.  watched Christmas movies.
 57.  slathered sunblock.
 58.  consoled crying children.
 59.  put bandaids on boo boos.
 60.  french braided hair.
 61.  enjoyed wind blown hair.
 62.  had an allergic reaction.
 63.  sprayed and spread sunblock.
 64.  had dance parties in my kitchen.
        ...sometimes solo.
 65.  went to bed with dirty feet.
 66.  had an encounter with a moth...stuck between my eye and the inside of
        my eyeglass lens.
 67.  tried new recipes.
 68.  sipped cold cocktails.
 69.  smiled until my cheeks ached.
 70.  ate too much.
 71.  drank too little.
 72.  ate too little.
 73.  drank too much.
 74.  log rolled down a grassy hill.
 75.  helped make wishes come true.
 76.  photographed memories.
 77.  wrote down thoughts.
 78.  stressed over spending too much money.
 79.  saved some money.
 80.  clipped coupons.
 81.  celebrated Birthdays with great friends.
 82.  hit up BBQ's.
 83.  reunited with long time friends.  muah!
 84.  air dried laundry on the line.
 85.  taught lessons.
 86.  learned lessons.
 87.  wasted hours on the internet.
 88.  spent countless hours playing outdoors.
 89.  went to the zoo.  the lions are my favorite!
 90.  fed goats.
 91.  sang the alphabet.
 92.  counted to 100 more days than I can remember.
        my counting partner quits at 37ish.
 93.  read storybooks aloud.
 94.  listened to audio books.
 95.  had a great time dancing to the opening band, Tauk, at the
        Robert Randolph & the Family Band show.
 96.  cleaned dirt from my fingernails.
 97.  bought Pearl Jam tickets for the Fall.
 98.  enjoyed kid free date nights with the husband.
 99.  hugged.
100. kissed.


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