Friday, December 13, 2013

forever ago friday

I feel like yap'n and am procrastinating chores goes it.  pull'n from forever ago.  had a dream last night about my father. he died 14 years ago at the age of 50. some days when salt slips into a cut  and it stings I wonder if his molecules were involved. other days I wonder if he's behind the warmth of the sun.  there must have been a part of the dream that involved one of my old cars because I can't stop thinking about them.  weird.  it's pulling on my brain, now I shall dump...

we went to visit with my dads buddy, george, he owned a car lot.  he sent us in the back with all the junkers he planned to scrap.  my dad checked them all out and chose a 1972 amc concord.  they agreed on $100.  my very first car purchase.  it had a velvety maroon interior, complete with the high beam headlight button on the floor.  old school.  it was grey and maroon, my high school colors, but in desperate need of a paint job.  my dad got as far as priming it.  ha.  primer grey with a maroon roof.   I remember  I passed my license test, but he wouldn't let me take the car from his house until I changed a tire.  it's been twenty-five years since I've changed a tire, but I don't fear having to.. the steps are burnt into my fathers voice narrating.  I also had to help him fix my brakes in rotors because I let them go so long they growled when the car rolled, ha. didn't even have to touch the brake.  yikes.  that was a messy job and caught me an authoritative earful, half of which was in Finn, so I didn't even understand it. ha-ha  I still keep a trauma induced keen ear to brake noise. 

next up on my list of wheels I've owned is a 1982 vw jetta. diesel. manual.  this car fell into my dads hands and became mine, a younger car than the concord. one time my roommates and I didn't have enough gas to get to the station and we used gas one of my friends parents had in a jug. brilliant.  regular gas for their lawnmower.  this resulted in black smoke and bucking.  but after bucking to the gas station and filling it with diesel, no harm done.  ha-ha.  it was white with a canvas beige interior.  my radio/cassette player was swiped from it along the way.  one night I was at a card game and purchased a new "hot" player for short money from someone who was passing. score. connected the wires, slid it in the console, jammed out to my favorite tunes & not long after it was stolen.  probably from the very same people I purchased it from.  funny.

I can't remember what year golf it was, mid 80's is my best guess. after the jetta I drove a white vw golf. manual.  I had to pop the hood and disconnect the battery every time I parked it or it would continue to pump fuel and flood.  wicked safe. I think the interior was grey.  I had red fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror that I forgot to grab when I purchased my first car that required a loan.  I was out driving one day, aimlessly...drove into a car lot, test drove a brand new ford escort, left my vw on the lot and drove home in a brand new car. 1997.  idiot. I paid too much. I should have showed up with my dad. lessons were learned.  ha-ha  it was the first car I'd driven that wasn't nearly as old as me.  and it was white.  I had a three car white car run.  someone once told me people who drive white cars are plain. are lacking in personality. der.  they stay looking the cleanest.  dirt shows more on darker shades like a dust.  which means my personality is fresh and clean. *wink*  there was about 170k miles on the escort, had a rebuilt engine with about 70k on it because my timing belt had broken and during the failure it cracked a cylinder, when it all went down I still didn't own the car.  that's an awesome few thousand dollar job on a vehicle you still have a note on.  worst scenario evah.  all in all the escort wasn't a horrible car, the engine job sucked the life out of me, but other than that it was general wear and tear fixes.  on our first lengthy road trip camping date in 99, the husband and I drove it to florida for NYE with phish at big cypress.  the very best phish festival I've been fortunate enough to attend.  & the escort was all part of it.  memories. 

It was 2006.   I'd looked at, but not test driven a dodge magnum, chrysler pt cruiser & a pontiac vibe, but the sales guy made me uncomfortable, he was pushy and I already felt like he was breathing down my neck and his breath stunk.  I stopped somewhere else on my way home and test drove a  toyota matrix, left the dealership feeling great...driving along, day dreaming about purchasing a 'new' used car and crack.  the tire rod on the escort snapped.  it was as if the car knew I was thinking about moving on and had one last thing to say.  I called a tow, had my mechanic fix it and drove it back to the dealership to trade it in for the car I still drive today.  grey..not white.  2005 toyota matrix.  turns out, grey hides dirt well, too.  there must be some sort of manufacturers defect with the matrix hubcaps.  I rarely see a matrix with all its hubcaps & I have lost all but one.  whatever, it's safe, gets me where I have to go and who knows after I run this good ole gal into the ground maybe I'll shoot for real wheels...  or a rocket ship.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Lyla's Words (4)

"can you spell, Daddy brings iced tea and candy upstairs, for me?  I know how to spell, Daddy, I need help with the other words."
Me: why do you want to spell this?
"because if I spell it and show my teachers, they'll be impressed and I'm pretty sure they'll give me two days off from school."


a conversation between a three and four year old

B:  my daddy was watching a movie with a clown.  a baby would not like this clown. he was scary and he was mean.   he broke a guys bike.

Ly: what did the clown do after?

B: I don't know.  I guess he rode the bike.

Ly:  he's not a scary clown.  he's a goofy clown.  goofy clowns ride broken bikes.

B & Ly:  hahahahaha  goofy clown.