Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Woman's Best Friend

Last night I set the alarm on my phone like I  do when I plan to wake up much earlier than the house. I failed to set the volume to a level loud enough to be heard over the "ocean"  we have gently crashing off the walls in the bedroom at night.  Yes, we're dependent on the sound machine, but that's another story.  I awake to a doggy eskimo kiss. Wet nose to dry nose.  I rotate my head face down into the both hide and dry my now wet nose.  I force a muffled, "go lay down" through my lips, scrunch my eyes with the hopes of finding sleep again easily but there again is that wet nose when I come up for fresh air from the pillow.  He didn't give up.  I open my eyes, they fall upon my phone, all lit up...quietly playing the muppet show theme.  Thanks, Osc.  You're a real great friend, good look'n out!  Now if you only knew how to help with the housework....

Dancing buddies, too!

 photo e8a9e518-9a53-4b8b-b8e9-a50c52013e2a_zps648cfc05.jpg

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Party Shoes

Two weeks into the sparkly new year and I'm stress'n over petty stuff.  Lyla has her first friend from school birthday party this weekend.  NO!  Don't Make Me Go!  ha.  A room full of strangers..ugh.  I've had anxiety over this for weeks and it's building, for two nights I've been stressed in my sleep with bad dreams. Seriously, I'm a fricken whack job.  Now I'm stressed about having anxiety over something so trivial.  A kids fricken party.  Who cares if I know anyone, what the F does it matter?! The mother of the young child brought invites to the teacher and had them sent home in the kids backpacks.  Am I the only one who finds this approach a bit pushy?  The woman sent a reminder note in backpacks this week. Definitely, Pushy! Or is that my mind nit picking negative.  I don't know how birthdays for school age children work...yet..but, as a kid I never invited my entire class to my parties & I certainly wouldn't be inviting a group of strangers to my home.  Sure, I know Lyla knows the kid and often shouts good-bye to several of the children by name...but, are they really birthday party close? and what the f is birthday party close?  Again, my wheels pecking and searching for a reason to support my inner voices, I don't want to go, chant. The reminder indicates response has been low. Eeek. What if it's not a room full of strangers at all but, a nearly empty room with nowhere to hide? What's worse?! I'm rattled. At one point the voices in my head were discussing how the kids mom wears bad shoes so, I shouldn't go.  What if a handful of attendees wear bad shoes and I stand in the corner silently judging their poor choice of footwear?  What an awful time that would be. I wanted to stomp on my own little think I actually brought something as subjective as shoes into play.  Yeah, I feel ya.. my mouth gaped, too. Although, in my defense they're velcro sneakers.  Until I looked down at my very own shoes and spotted velcro.  I ate crow.

 photo de50b6aa-a5eb-4829-a05f-9e56fe7837f2_zpseee501d2.jpg

 It's wrong and I'm certainly not going to listen to any of the voices in my head.  I'm pulling from outside my defined box of comfort and bringing Lyla to this damn party full of strangers or maybe it'll be a poorly attended party..either way pass me a party hat & let us Rock the Birthday!  I Can Do This....I Know I Can!  Worst case, it's as awful as I imagine, I barely survive and Then..calm will settle back into my life when the party is over.  until my next irrational fear awakens the nerves.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Sparkly New Year

It's a brand New Year!  Throw some glitter and it's Shiny & New!  & now my floor sparkles, too.

I ended 2013 with weighing out for a weight loss challenge a handful of my family & I agreed to stage during the Holidays.  Yikes!  I've had brighter ideas.  Although, I'm pretty impressed that given my lax approach & the copious amounts of sugary and carby foods the Holidays seem to carry I somehow managed to lose 9.4 pounds.  Woot!  My cousin mentioned that this is actually, in a twisted way of looking at it, like losing 20lbs because I didn't gain the Holiday Ten.  Woot Woot!   I did finish last in the challenge, womp, womp, womp... by a couple tenths of a percentage.  ha-ha  If only I'd tried harder instead of barely trying.  Here's a photo of me and my Trophy! 
Weight Loss Challenge 2013.  Losah!   *smile*

 photo 026eb3f1-6654-4d4a-a2ee-91fe40efad2f_zpsd0123751.jpg

What do I have planned for the New Year you ask?

In the New Year I'm going to wait a mandatory 10 seconds after I pee to wipe.  I'll sit there and do 10 kegels.  I hate when I wipe and then more pee sneaks out and I have to wipe again.

I'll dust less.  If that's possible.

I'm gonna try like heck not to stress over the petty stuff.  Who cares if when I left for work the kitchen was orderly & when I come home both my sinks are full with dishes.  At least I know the family ate well.  & so what if I wash and fold the husbands clothes and he fails to put them away for weeks, at least he's wearing clean drawers.  & why do I get so emotional over clutter?  I'm gonna dig deep & embrace ..even just a wee bit..of clutter. 

I gonna to soak my feet more.

I'm going to take shit I don't need and repurpose it into new shit I don't need.

I'm gonna stop there before I resolve to do something crazy like blog more frequently and plus I don't want to stress myself  out with some petty list of stuff I'll feel pressured to fulfill. 

Happy New Year!