Friday, January 3, 2014

Sparkly New Year

It's a brand New Year!  Throw some glitter and it's Shiny & New!  & now my floor sparkles, too.

I ended 2013 with weighing out for a weight loss challenge a handful of my family & I agreed to stage during the Holidays.  Yikes!  I've had brighter ideas.  Although, I'm pretty impressed that given my lax approach & the copious amounts of sugary and carby foods the Holidays seem to carry I somehow managed to lose 9.4 pounds.  Woot!  My cousin mentioned that this is actually, in a twisted way of looking at it, like losing 20lbs because I didn't gain the Holiday Ten.  Woot Woot!   I did finish last in the challenge, womp, womp, womp... by a couple tenths of a percentage.  ha-ha  If only I'd tried harder instead of barely trying.  Here's a photo of me and my Trophy! 
Weight Loss Challenge 2013.  Losah!   *smile*

 photo 026eb3f1-6654-4d4a-a2ee-91fe40efad2f_zpsd0123751.jpg

What do I have planned for the New Year you ask?

In the New Year I'm going to wait a mandatory 10 seconds after I pee to wipe.  I'll sit there and do 10 kegels.  I hate when I wipe and then more pee sneaks out and I have to wipe again.

I'll dust less.  If that's possible.

I'm gonna try like heck not to stress over the petty stuff.  Who cares if when I left for work the kitchen was orderly & when I come home both my sinks are full with dishes.  At least I know the family ate well.  & so what if I wash and fold the husbands clothes and he fails to put them away for weeks, at least he's wearing clean drawers.  & why do I get so emotional over clutter?  I'm gonna dig deep & embrace ..even just a wee bit..of clutter. 

I gonna to soak my feet more.

I'm going to take shit I don't need and repurpose it into new shit I don't need.

I'm gonna stop there before I resolve to do something crazy like blog more frequently and plus I don't want to stress myself  out with some petty list of stuff I'll feel pressured to fulfill. 

Happy New Year!

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