Saturday, February 22, 2014

Server Rant

Dear You,
I'm sorry you found it more appropriate to leave a note on your credit card slip about the inadequacies you found with my service rather than promptly bring it to my those very moments I was interacting with you & your dinner companion...because, Hello! We Did In Fact have plenty of time to share the exchange.  Then again, that's my perception and you're entitled to yours. Remember you ordered the wrong drink and hurried after me and tapped me on the shoulder?  Remember as you finished your first beverage I was there to ask if you desired another? Remember your companion did a half ass reading of the menu and ordered something a vegetarian wouldn't eat & after it was brought to my attention I went and talked with the appropriate people to accommodate the vegetarian needs, no?   No memory of that extra time I attended to you?  Remember when I couldn't eye spy your table because you had friends at the end for a good 10 minutes yacking it up?  yackety, yack, don't talk back.  Remember I had to swerve and swivel my way in through those friends to serve your meals and no-one including yourself acknowledged my presence?  Remember when I came back and asked how everything was & you said good?  Remember when I refilled your water glasses?  Remember when I refilled them, again?  Remember when I asked if you wanted a third beverage and you said no even though the glass was empty?  Which I did find odd because although you'd woofed down your dinner in less time that it took to cook, your date was only half done her meal...yikes, with that kind of yap'n away I would have drank the bar to numb the ears, less talk'n honey, more Fork in Mouth!  You chose to opt out.  Apparently, I'd missed the refill window, but here is what you failed to recognize... I remember the special circumstances you created for me with the mistaken "meat" order...Read the Menu!  Especially, if you have special dietary needs and if you can't read then Ask! It's my job to know the menu!  The Friends hovering created a more challenging service for me unless I Stalk, I didn't read you as stalking is appropriate diners.  My bad.  When all is said and done  you actually required More Attention than the other 10 people I had dining in my section at the time, which threw a curve in my mojo and I had to adjust my groove to serve the 2 top who ordered desserts to get them out for a possible 2 top on deck,  the four top who was ready to pack up and the four top half way thru appetizers with salad on soup to come. You failed to recognize this because...well, you don't have to, but it's my job to remember Every Step & sometimes maybe I skip, maybe I trip. Maybe I could have made a swing by your table prior to doing something else.  I f*d up.  I'm Human.  I'm sorry I couldn't be All you wanted me to be.  I'm sorry you chose to pussy out of confronting the issue head on..unless you tell me, I can't fix it.  I've overcome my initial hurt and anger about the shitty tip and comment.  I really do take it personally.  I'm a part time server, full time perfectionist. I now realize I shouldn't be angry with you or call you names and lump you in the "I hate people" category.  I don't even know you.   ...thank goodness.  I wouldn't want to know such a coward.  You looked me in the eye and wished me a good night, said thanks and then write a note like you did?  Okay, maybe I'm still bent.  ha.   While I'm on the ranting business....the asshole who blew their nose in a cloth napkin last weekend that I totally grabbed full handed and found my hand covered in snot.... You're gross!  Everyone in the kitchen got a kick out of me dry heaving over the trash barrel,  You totally are in my ledger of people I hate...your act is hate-able.  and totally F*n Grody!

Oh, the note.... you want to know the note on the slip?  great penmanship..I do appreciate that, thumbs up.
~ the inattentiveness was noticed, I ate my meal without a second beer. 

Note to self:  said person, image burnt to memory, eats meal in three bites, be sure to get third beverage there prior to second mouthful or pay taxes on tip The State assumes you received because no asshole on the planet would be such a chooch.

In the end, I'm sorry you felt it necessary to deal with the situation the way you did. My co-workers and husband thank you, they loved listening to me whine.  *eye roll*  You left me feeling hurt, without a way to make it better, my feelings in limbo festering this ball of angst and confusion, recounting every step from the time I put down your bread til I cashed you out.  Not Cool, Man.  Not cool.  I forgive you!  I can only hope next time you'll man up or shut up.   Peace!  

Now, now can I feel like I had the final word?   *wink*

Cold Snap Rocks!