Thursday, May 22, 2014

living with the moments

that moment when you first walk into the store and your child stops, pulls quarters from her purse and leisurely debates which trinkets and candy to purchase from the wall of toy vending machines.

that moment when your child commandeers the shopping carriage through a packed supermarket while sugary drool drips from the creases of her lips from the giant gumball she has stuffed in the cheek of her mouth to soften and chew.

that moment when your child insists you steer the cart while she lays on the bottom rack.
that moment when your child pulls the now flavorless wad of gum from her mouth and hands it to you.

that moment when your child wants to load the groceries onto the conveyer belt and as you pass the items along you begin to notice items she snuck in the cart.

that moment you realize you still have two more stops before you're done with the errands and at the pace the morning has taken your popsicles will undoubtedly melt before errand completion so you run home & put away all the perishables.

that moment when you're finally home for good...THREE hours later.  cue Gilligan's Island theme.

spilled milk, cereal crumbs, dancing like no ones watching around the butcher shop as I stood at the exit. exit, twirling a wet a down pour, rather than walking briskly to an entrance.  during all these moments and a list of more I've since forgotten..I repeated, Keep a Hold on Your Patience, in my head.  it worked.  I let her husk the corn at the supermarket, probably took nearly ten minutes longer than it should have but, man...she was pumped. her dancing and singing at the market induced quite a few smiles.  I didn't melt in the rain.  her light is my light.  I'm refusing to be a mother who becomes annoyed over this petty stuff.  I'm putting the brakes on senseless stress filled emotions.   ain't nobody got time for that....

live in the moment.