Friday, September 12, 2014

Day 8 of Kindergarten

Too many nights of meltdowns to relive & a sobbing sad fest this morning.  & I have PMS.
Day 8 of Kindergarten.   She begged to skip the day...Alll Morning.  It took every ounce of strength to smile and shower her with positivity.
I held her close, whispered it would be a good day in her ear and asked a teacher to have an older student escort her to the gym, as tears streamed down her cheeks.  She walked.. head down, shoulders hunched.
All summer she runs and runs and rides and swings and swims and scoots and runs more, from sun up until sun down and then some, but this is a different type of exhaustion.
It's breaking my heart.  In the beginning I was amazed at how brave she was, that there was very little argument, at how simple the transition seemed to be.   turns was just a low boil, until the reality set in. 
She's Five!  A five year old shouldn't dread school.  Perhaps she wouldn't if it weren't six plus hours, 5 days a week.  She is in school nearly 32 hours a week.  Many places of employment would consider that a full time job.  SHE'S FIVE!  Where are her full time benefits?  *I jest*
It's recommended a child her age sleeps an average of 10 and 12 hours a night.
Okay, so the kid has to rise at seven in the morning to get ready and be at school for half past eight.  Twelve hours of sleep would mean the poor kid would have to be in bed 7.  She doesn't get out of school until nearly three.  Does it seem right for a five year old to have only four free hours a day to play, explore, eat dinner and bathe before a proper bed time routine?!  SHE'S FIVE!

Can you feel my frustration?!  I'm grinning and bearing it...but, honestly, I'd be melting down, too. & may...soon.
Full Day, Five Day School at Five Years Old...BLOWS!!