Tuesday, December 9, 2014

one tooth too many

I hear the husband say, "go show that to mama."
In comes Lyla asking what's in her mouth behind her tooth...OH! Look at that, It's another tooth!  WTF.  My initial reaction was to gag, but I held it back while my mind spun with why is this permanent tooth erupting before you even lose baby teeth & wtf does this mean for your permanent teeth & it looks like it's totally crooked...and Ewww, you're going to be losing teeth and it totally grosses me out. I was never a fan of the teething process, sleepless nights, drool soaked clothing, both of us crying with exhaustion and aches. I'm never going to ask a kid to show me their gaping bloody hole in their gums.  I wish this whole tooth losing and coming could happen while I dream.  I hate the dentist, I go because we have to take care of our teeth, & who doesn't want a nice toothy good looking smile, but it's an anxiety riddled week every time. Yes!  I said week! & I see the dentist/periodontist every 3 months because genetics gave me shitty gums. Thanks Genes, Good Looking Out!  I stress for days and days over a cleaning & now my daughter has shark teeth.  Awesome!  Naturally, my fingers ran straight to google.  It does look to be a common occurrence,  but that doesn't make me feel much better.  I told Lyla to try and wiggle her bottom front baby teeth every day & alert me when they feel like they're loosening, I suggested if she started eating apples this could be beneficial with expediting the departure of the teeth we need gone.  She snarled.  Okay, so maybe taffy will be option B.  Is the Goldenrod closed?    I mentioned I'll talk to the dentist on Monday during my visit & he may say give it some time or he may recommend she come for a visit to show him.  She cried, "I don't want a visit.  What's gonna happen?"
Inhale...Exhale, "Your baby teeth are probably going to come lose and fall out & if they don't the dentist will help them & either way I'm confident it won't hurt."
I'm pretty sure she didn't believe a word I said, but thankfully, she let it go.  for now.  I wanted to pass out just thinking about the possibility they have to pull out her bottom babies to make room for those giant honkers that'll be busting up and out.   This should be a fun ride.