Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Two Weeks Past 7 Days Forward

"This salad tastes exactly like a Five Guys burgah!"
I actually said those words.  Out Loud.  The husband laughed.  I'm funny.
The flavor profile didn't resemble any of the greasy meaty greatness the husband devoured before my green envious eyes.   He packed his weekend full of take-out from a couple of our local favorites, which worked out well because I had to work both Friday and Saturday night & it's always nice when I don't have to make meals before I run out the door.  On the flipside, it's a bit of a downer walking back In the door just as Mr. Take-Out is pulling his Parkhill meat lovah's pizza out of the oven. The meats glistening, the cheese bubbling, the crust speaking carby love to me.  I held out!   I even buckled down and found the strength to walk Singapore ribs and crab rangoons in the door for him the following night.    I'm courageous.
I managed to stay moderately satisfied this week with wholesome food choices & tossed in some treats, a few glasses of wine, couple beers, a too sweet coffee from DD.  *slurp* I enjoyed half a bagel with cream cheese, a lindt chocolate egg & an ice cream sandwich.  This girl is Crayyyzz-ee!  Ha!   I didn't add any major exercise, kept it steady with the usual housework, errands, & walking. I averaged 6 miles a day on my Garmin Vivofit.  I love it, I sync it with My Fitness Pal & log my calories in and out.  Mr. Romance bought it for me for Valentine's Day, I was super excited, wanted one for a long time. Who doesn't want to know they're moving too little and sleep deprived?!  Forget the roses, buy me a gadget or make me a card.  Or Both!  Either way, I'm thankful.

Week 2:  -3.6

I'm winning on the losing. 
Two week total:  -6.4

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