Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Three Weeks Later

I'm standing & I'm eight pounds lighter than I was twenty-one days ago.   Way to go, Me!   I have plenty more to shed & will have to up my game the further I decide to move forward on this journey. The only exercise I included was the housewife/part-time server movements, but it's a nice start & at least I'm in a sort of weekly food prepping routine.  Baby steps.  I'm no hare.   I'm thinking of dying my hair.  a purple peek strip.  ombre.  It's just a thought.

I'm super happy with the results of my self created twenty-one days of self control without deprivation!  I held myself accountable for everything I consumed in my handy dandy lil pocket composition book, even the Delicious "Diet" Pizza! 

Week 3:  -1.6

Three week total:  -8.0