Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Brain Dump wk1

The dog and I saw an intact Pringle on the ground during our walk.  It had fallen from human grasp and remained whole. This puzzled me.  That was one tough "cookie".  The last can I bought had seen battle, every chips edge was cracked and crumbling.

Tissues and Tape can fix a whole lot...when you're six.

I need an acorn falling sensor.
..or a hard hat.

Why?  Why do dog owners continue to bring their dogs outside and not carry a bag to remove the waste?  Why?  When I have to watch my step on the Church lawn, something is terribly wrong with humans & their actions.  If you leave your dog piles behind You Suck at dog owning and I'm pretty bummed I even have to share air with you.

I should wear my hair a different way each day.

I'm so glad the kid seems to be falling into the school groove and not disliking it, as much as, last year.  *knock on wood*

I love Autumn.

(as I was running)   What the hell am I running for?  I don't even like to run.  The dog likes to run.  I'd like to still be in bed.  (Oscar stopped to sniff a fire hydrant)  more my speed.

The husband would gladly do more cooking.  Too bad he doesn't understand the clean up associated with dinner.  nightly.

Nachos.  I'm totally making nachos this weekend!  with Guac!  homemade Guac.  I better buy my avocados tomorrow. 

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