Tuesday, November 3, 2015

brain dump wk3

the other day I stood in the yard looking at a lone leaf on a tree.  the wind blew and the leaf freed itself from the branch, floated up, up, up and over and down, down. down...right on my foot.  as if to say...time to rake, bitch.

why do people stop dead center of an aisle at the supermarket to look at their phones?  pull to the side, man...you're blocking the lane, I'm here to shop, get in & out quick, not look at your back while you gawk at your phone.  in fact, I'm pretty sure abrupt supermarket aisle stoppers are totally deserving of the carriage crash into the back of their heel.  accidentally, of course.  *wink* I've never carried out the action, I do think about it while I smile.  on occasion they apologize, mostly, they're just too into themselves to care about those of us around them.

I can't help but find it comical when I'm talking to myself in the car about some jerk off driving, noting they are the worst driver on the planet to then notice a big ole dent on their vehicle, validating my assumption.

damn, my face is get'n pale.

in line at the local DD drive-thru this morning.  black chevy silverado ahead of me, with a head of sorts, finger drawn in the dirt on the tailgate, beside the penis was written..bushwhacker...  hahahaha  I cracked up because I'm totally mature like that and was eager to catch a glimpse of this wanker in his side view.   it was a chic.

"This is not a sustainable friendship model."

bathroom wall chatter:  stop writing on walls it's so high school.   u dumb sluts.
reply:  obviously, ur the dumbest slut.
never let ur friends drink too much.

Happy Election Day!