Monday, December 7, 2015

not your normal bangs

my peach fuzzy stash had grown into long wispy lip bangs, every time I was out running errands I meant to pick up some sally hansen facial hair removal cream.  easy.  well, easy when you remember it.  finally, I pulled out this other product I had tucked in the back of the cabinet.  not made for the face, so my bright idea was to cut the application time in half.  ha.   welp.  my long wispy lip bangs were gone...Whoo Hoo!  only to be replaced with a rash stash.  ha. upper lip of fiyah! Booo, Booo! you know it's bad when this worried expression washes over the husbands face as he asks, wtf happened to your face?  I assured him it would never happen again, it could have been worse ...??  and the bright side was I popped open a vitamin E capsule to cure it & surely, by day two I wouldn't look like I smeared cherry red lipstick on while wearing poorly prescribed bifocals.
...and that's what I did on Friday night.

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