Monday, January 4, 2016

The Year of the Blooper..sss

I don't do New Year resolutions.  The exception is This year.  I am resolved to fix my half ass approach when it comes to the creating of our original photograph calendar gifts each Christmas.  I am committed to adopting a new course of action, developing a plan that eases the, oh my goodness I'm going to miss my deadline this is too much to do in too little time, stress.  I will make monthly edited photograph additions to a 2017 Calendar file folder.  I will upload these edited files quarterly to the site I use for photo purchases.  The next calendars will be The. Best. Yet. and painless.  They won't induce hair pulling, teeth clenching, eye twitching and anxiety at crunch time.  I will spread the time consuming task amongst all the months of the year and bring this gift back to the realm of, fun to do, rather than the chore it's lately felt like.   I Can Do This!  ha.  This is the year of The New Calendar Project!
I, without a doubt, slacked more this year than those prior, not only with with the amount of good workable shots, but also with the giving myself a reasonable amount of time to pull off the final product without a hitch.  It was cyber Monday when I started and had to finish the project.  Lets face it, the lunch lady gig isn't very profitable.  This sale saved me two days pay.  ha-ha That's a whole lot of washed fresh fruit, quartered oranges and hundreds of portioned fruit cups for ten lunch periods.  ;)  I was determined to get the cyber Monday deal.   So, there I am, Monday night. The deal ended at midnight.  The site was jammed, processing edits, uploads and page refreshes were sooo slow, this cramped my quality control, the little I would have had time for without wrenches.  The closer the clock struck to my glass slippers disappearing, the more my cool unraveled.  I was sorting through literally thousands of photos on the family photo hard drive, dragging hundreds over for a second look, to finally narrow down those to fewer than a hundred I wanted to use for our gifts.  It was a tough year, Lyla wasn't a fan of the lens in 2015, so many of the pictures were tainted with mama has the camera again annoyance.   Grumpy Kid.
At 11:59 P.M. I clicked submit.  A feeling of relief rushed through me....sort of.
The calendars arrived the following week.  I make six unique calendars, three of which were super unique.  ha-ha  One was missing a cover page and a photo on the month of April.  Another had half a dogs face, fortunately, it Was Our Dog.  ha.  I got that right.  The last had photos in view for each month, but the view was a lil midget photo on a big canvas of white.   My only reaction was to laugh, at myself, at the joke calendars, at myself again.  What a knucklehead I was to think a perfect product was doable...a couple weeks worth of photo sorting, sifting, editing and uploading in a handful of hours. I was delusional.  Thank goodness I got a deal on them. hahahaha  I did have the perfect fix and pleaded with Lyla to become the hero of my calendar debacle.  She drew pictures on the blundered pages, with one slight blooper of her own.  One picture hangs upside down.  ha.  Oh, how we laughed...and that's the upside of the year of the blooper calendars, all the laughing. 
It's always the best medicine...and fix.

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Friday, January 1, 2016

Holding on to vacation...

I can't believe it's already Friday.  boooo.  hisssss.
I can't believe it's Only Friday!  Yeah!  No server shift tomorrow means...whoo hooo, still a long weekend left until the end of my Christmas vacation.

What I did on my Christmas Vacation, so far....

Made references to National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation & my other Holiday favorite, Elf.
Watched the kid play hide n seek with the dog.  He's quite good at seeking when she has a pocket full of treats.
Spoiled Lyla.
Stayed up late and slept late.
Introduced myself to a Moscow Mule.  delicious if you're a fan of ginger.
Won Sorry.
Lost Sorry.
Won Spoons.
Won Connect 4.
Lost my mind a few times thinking about how often I need to repeat myself.
Listened to the kid smack talk while she played video games.
-who's in first?
-I'm number one. 
-I come to win.
-I'm a winner.
-I hope you like 2nd because I'm always 1st.
-watch and learn.
-don't worry, when I'm not 1st I'm still number one in the end.
Sang and danced to Kids Bop.
Worked on math problems.
Played spy & made myself invisible from the kid while she sat in window sunbeams reading books out loud.
Had a dental procedure I've avoided for far too long.
Survived the dental procedure I've avoided for far too long.
Played video games, talked less smack than the kid.
Wrestled a laundry monster.
Payed it forward at DD.  Twice.
Put off an oil change....there's always tomorrow.
Watched movies.
Binge watched plenty of television.
Framed photos.
Hung my latest Art on the Rocks canvas.
Went to the movies and ate buttered popcorn.
Thought about breaking out the sewing machine to fix my pocketbook and every tshirt I have with a hole in the pit.
...still thinking about it.
Had a sleepover with Ly's BFF, B. 
Moved toys from room to room in some lame attempt of organization.
I drew pictures, read about the moon in the old farmer's almanac for kids.
Enjoyed breakfast for dinner and dessert for breakfast.
Unsuccessfully, boycotted stores of all kinds. 
Found myself at Market Basket Three times one day.  ha.  My attempt at I can do this without a list.
Made an effort to buy myself gifts, couldn't find anything I liked worth my money.
Told myself continually I'd pack away Christmas before work'n life was back in full effect.  Still thinking about it...there's always tomorrow.  It's still Only Friday!