Friday, January 1, 2016

Holding on to vacation...

I can't believe it's already Friday.  boooo.  hisssss.
I can't believe it's Only Friday!  Yeah!  No server shift tomorrow means...whoo hooo, still a long weekend left until the end of my Christmas vacation.

What I did on my Christmas Vacation, so far....

Made references to National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation & my other Holiday favorite, Elf.
Watched the kid play hide n seek with the dog.  He's quite good at seeking when she has a pocket full of treats.
Spoiled Lyla.
Stayed up late and slept late.
Introduced myself to a Moscow Mule.  delicious if you're a fan of ginger.
Won Sorry.
Lost Sorry.
Won Spoons.
Won Connect 4.
Lost my mind a few times thinking about how often I need to repeat myself.
Listened to the kid smack talk while she played video games.
-who's in first?
-I'm number one. 
-I come to win.
-I'm a winner.
-I hope you like 2nd because I'm always 1st.
-watch and learn.
-don't worry, when I'm not 1st I'm still number one in the end.
Sang and danced to Kids Bop.
Worked on math problems.
Played spy & made myself invisible from the kid while she sat in window sunbeams reading books out loud.
Had a dental procedure I've avoided for far too long.
Survived the dental procedure I've avoided for far too long.
Played video games, talked less smack than the kid.
Wrestled a laundry monster.
Payed it forward at DD.  Twice.
Put off an oil change....there's always tomorrow.
Watched movies.
Binge watched plenty of television.
Framed photos.
Hung my latest Art on the Rocks canvas.
Went to the movies and ate buttered popcorn.
Thought about breaking out the sewing machine to fix my pocketbook and every tshirt I have with a hole in the pit.
...still thinking about it.
Had a sleepover with Ly's BFF, B. 
Moved toys from room to room in some lame attempt of organization.
I drew pictures, read about the moon in the old farmer's almanac for kids.
Enjoyed breakfast for dinner and dessert for breakfast.
Unsuccessfully, boycotted stores of all kinds. 
Found myself at Market Basket Three times one day.  ha.  My attempt at I can do this without a list.
Made an effort to buy myself gifts, couldn't find anything I liked worth my money.
Told myself continually I'd pack away Christmas before work'n life was back in full effect.  Still thinking about it...there's always tomorrow.  It's still Only Friday!

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